Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018

Welcome to a "Wild Hare" day!

Hello . . .  I'm so happy you could stop by!

Should you like to purchase:
Please email:

(It would help to state a second choice if you have one!)
Please state preferred payment method as well: Credit Card, Pay Pal or Check.

Please meet:
The Sweetheart Triplets!
Each sweetie is created from Hand dyed - Antique - Viscose!
Not sure I could ever match this color again . . . .  we'll call it "Dried Cranberry".
It's rich and luscious . . .  even more so in person and it catches the light beautifully!
Only 3 of these fellas . . . . no more ~ ever ;-)
Each teddy is 10.5" tall, fully jointed, stuffed squishy and floppy and weighted nicely.
Each wears a dirty pink bow and holds a heart of antique fabrics.
$260.00 EACH
ship $12.00





Have a "SWEET" day!
Lori Ann

Sunday, January 28, 2018

A new year is off and running . . .

Hello friends,
2018 is already moving at too fast a speed for me.
I always think I'm going to have the luxury of spending January sketching, 
staring out the window, planning and dreaming of the year to come.
But, a nasty cold bug has slowed me down to pretty much the "staring out the window" part!
I did manage to get my workshops designed for the 
2018 From Our Hands & Hearts ~ Creative.
We are excited to begin registration tomorrow ~ Jan. 29th. @ 12 noon EST.

Next is to get it "back in gear" and work on some new friends for an online show!
(details to come)

Stay Healthy and Happy!
Lori Ann

Sunday, December 31, 2017

HAPPY . . .

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
Abbey Lane & The Folks

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

And in a blink . . .

I missed wishing all of you a Merry Christmas this year. 
I sat down to the computer numerous times, accomplished a thing or two, 
then got distracted ~ hmmm, this seems to happen more and more these days.
So to you, I wish a Happy December 26th.!
(Along with Abbey Lane of course)
Today we will enjoy a day of quiet ~ lazing about, reading, stitching and catching up on correspondence.
A nap is in the offing for the Mr. 
Abbey is at daycare running off some 10 month old energy (the holiday did not tire her out) 
so we can continue our lazy day this evening once she's home!
She loves going to play with all her friends and we hear she's the life of the party.

Enjoy these last few days of December . . . take them slow if you can and pull a stitch or two.
Lori Ann

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Mercantile

"The Mercantile"
Update this evening
Sunday, December 17th.
8pm EST
Kits, supplies, antiques and a just a few finished goods.

(Items purchased this evening will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday morning 
via priority mail . . . after that we'll do our best but can't promise shipping before Christmas)

Click the Mercantile link above to see how the "store" works.
(I will refund any excess shipping over $2)
Please bear with me as in the antiques and finished goods this is a bit of
and experiment to see if the website can handle selling one of a kind goods.

Be Merry!
Lori Ann

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Holiday show is coming soon!

Hello  . . . 
Please join me on the "Gallery" page of this blog
 for an offering of holiday friends.
The event begins:
Sunday evening ~ December 10th.
  9pm EST
(Note the slightly later time)

To purchase please use this email only:

Here's how it works ~ please read:
Items will be sold on a first email, first serve basis.
I answer emails as swiftly as my fingers can type.
Please list item number or title and payment method.
#1 - yes, please
Pay Pal
#2 - yes please
Credit card
(I take checks as well ;-)
Invoices are sent once things slow a bit.
Please understand that even if multiple emails are sent at the same second, only one can reach my in-box first. (This is similar to being at a regular show and reaching someones booth or table and reaching for a piece first).
I understand this can be stressful and at times disappointing for those who miss out.
I keep searching to find the best way possible to hold these shows. I fear a store format will crash and I've heard of single items being sold more than once ~ not good! 
 For now with one of a kinds and individual items this is still the best way.

Many thanks to you all!
Lori Ann